Case proven
VEHICLE: 2005 ford five hundred

The car came to my shop barely running , chugging and missing so I pulled the hood latch opened it up and I could hear this suction noise Started looking and feeling around the upper intake/plenum found a hole close to the throttle body so I sanded and roughed it up went to the local parts house and bought some fiberglass cloth , cut a little piece for the hole that was the size of a quarter , then I went to my cabinet and pulled out the coolchem integrator and activator put a little Integrator around the hole and very carefully put the fiberglass patch on the hole used a popsicle stick to situate it and then put a little more integrator on it , then put a little activator on and then after a few minutes put more integrator on and then smoothed out and then some more activator , let it sit overnight I did , started car ran perfect no more sucking noise , chugging etc The plenum for this car was right around $400.00 plus Labor which easily would have been another $200.00 the customer did not want to spend that much. Car fixed for 50 dollars customer happy and the repair is still holding up ! the customer is amazed to this day about how well our product worked to repair his plenum on his ford five hundred