Insti Cast: Is a pink opaque  casting silicone for the fabrication of highly percice negative forms,  soft creamy consistency, easy mixing and removal, fast set. Excellent cost/performance ratio, highest detail reproduction and tear strength, well retaining its shape and volume; skin-friendly.

Artistic and decorative objects span a range too vast to describe. If it can be imagined and a master developed (scuplted, carved, CNC-machined, etc.) in three dimensions, an Insti-Cast silicone mold can be made to reproduce the object in various casting media such as plaster, concrete, resin, foam or rubber to make awesome decorative as well as functional objects. There is no limit here…small, large, clear, floating, on and on it goes!

Candles & soaps, figurines, toys train cars, are routinely cast in Insti-Cast molds. Insti-Cast silicone molds are employed whenever there are delicate shapes or decorative undercuts that cannot be accommodated using rigid molds. Insti-Cast molds permit easy, cost-effective removal of waxes and soaps

Insti-Cast mold making and casting materials are used extensively for an almost unlimited number of hobby and craft applications. Any decorative object, delicate shapes or decorative undercuts to be reproduced (model train, custom tile, light switch plate, small figurine, candles, soaps ,etc.) will require flexible mold materials if it is decorative and will be cast in plaster, concrete, resin, foam or wax. CoolChems Insti-Cast material is easy to use, economical and fun. Let us help you get started!

Casting, Figurines and sculptures of all shapes and sizes, forming and texturing concrete