How We Got Started

At CoolChem, we invent more than just quality products, we provide bonding solutions to your biggest challenges. Our superior materials continue to outperform expectations. The most universal adhesive system in with faster and more consistent curing times, greater surface versatility, tougher performance, and improved shelf life. CoolChem’s integrator is designed for your difficult to bond materials and applications which requires uniform stress distribution and reliability the it perform and meet your expectation on metals, plastics, elastomers, wood, paper, leather and much more materials. The integrator is design to withstand impact, peel, shear forces while offering excellent chemical and temperature resistance. CoolChem’s optimized two-part system will give you the peace of mind that the Cyanopoxy will deliver the reliable and consistently of performance you expect.

The CoolChem activator give you the reliability that your assemblies (bonded Parts) are fixture fast, cure evenly and though large gaps. The CoolChem activator not only insure the full and fast curing of the Cyanopoxy system but the peace of mind the System works every time and meets your expectations. The spray can applicator atomizes the CoolChem activator to deliver the optimum surface treatment of the active ingredient to deliver the excellent performance of the complete system you have are expecting.


Since Ron Janick and I first came up with the concept to supply a fast reliable bonding adhesive with superior performance, better than the available adhesives available on the market. The creation of the CoolChem adhesive line was born 25 years ago with a unique and differential adhesive that had the characteristics of an industrial structural epoxy with the instant cure of a cyanoacrylate (Super Glue) this is revolutionary, and for 25 years we have improved the mechanical and physical properties to stay ahead of the competitors.  Since Ron’s passing many imitators using inferior adhesives have popped up making outrageous claims mentioning CoolChem Cyanopoxy in their advertisements. We are not ones to mention our competitors by name, but know most do not make their own products, but buy them from other manufactures providing the same low quality you can get at discount stores. Most of them private label low quality super glues from hot lots overstock, and old product nearing the end of their shelf life claiming they are similarity to CoolChem product for less. My Dad always told me you get what you pay for, that’s why we have an unconditional money back guarantee on every product we sell.  CoolChem 3 integrators are made from our own unique formulas utilizing unique trade secret additives to give us that step above the imitators private labeled glue they are selling from who know it's manufacture. We utilize Non-Hazardous Resins (NJTS Reg. No. 04499600-7084) and acrylate 9011 14-7 Trade Secret* so major manufactures cannot develop the same products CoolChem provides to our customers. 


 You have the CoolChem guarantee that our products will perform to expectation or we will return your purchase price.