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VEHICLE: 2005 ford five hundred

The car came to my shop barely running , chugging and missing so I pulled the hood latch opened it up and I could hear this suction noise Started looking and feeling around the upper intake/plenum found a hole close to the throttle body so I sanded and roughed it up went to the local parts house and bought some fiberglass cloth , cut a little piece for the hole that was the size of a quarter , then I went to my cabinet and pulled out the CoolChem integrator and activator put a little Integrator around the hole and very carefully put the fiberglass patch on the hole used a popsicle stick to situate it and then put a little more integrator on it , then put a little activator on and then after a few minutes put more integrator on and then smoothed out and then some more activator, let it sit overnight I did , started car ran perfect no more sucking noise , chugging etc The plenum for this car was right around $400.00 plus Labor which easily would have been another $200.00 the customer did not want to spend that much. Car fixed for 50 dollars customer happy and the repair is still holding up ! the customer is amazed to this day about how well our product worked to repair his plenum on his ford five hundred

Sunday, December 27, 2015

A/C, Air Condition, Compressor Line Repair 2007 GMC Yukon

Hi Dave,

I wanted to tell you about an application for CoolChem Cyanopoxy product.

I have a 2007 GMC Yukon and live in Minnesota. My air conditioner went out. So I took to a shop and they told me one of the lines had a small hole due to corrosion and all the refrigerant leak out making the AC in the car not work.

I ask what it would cost to replace the line and they said, the lines come in a kit and I would have to replace all of them for almost a thousand yet $967.00.

I di not want to spend that kind of money so I thought I would try your product on the corroded hose, if it did not work it only cost me $37.00 dollar for the refrigerant charge I bought at O'reilly Auto.

This is what I did

I located the corroded line and the small pin hole.

I took a wire bush and cleaned of the corrosion until the pipe or line was shiny and clean.

I then took a small piece of sand paper and clean the area around the pin hole.

I then took a rag with alcohol and cleaned the surface around the hole very good.

I then sprayed the activator on the area around the pinhole.

I took a piece of black 5/8 rubber holes cut it so it was about 3 inches long giving me about an extra inch on each side of the corroded area.

I then slice the hose length wise down the middle so I could place it around the AC line

I cleaned the inside of the hose with alcohol and let it dry

I put a small layer of integrator all around the inside of the rubber hose, wetting the entire inner surface of the inner hose with the integrator

I placed the hose around the line covering the entire corroded area and about an inch on both sides of the affected area.

I let it cure the hose bonded very fast to the AC line

about an hour later I charged the system with the refrigerant charging can I bought on sale at the auto parts store for about $34 dollars

I started the Yukon and push the AC button it did not blink like before and shut off and stayed on

after a few minutes it was working blowing cold air again it was working

I shut it off and then the next day tried it again and it was still working

It has been working now for 6 weeks I will let you know if I make through the summer.

So far so good,


Name:  Merle R. McLaughlin



My son, Robert McLaughlin who lives in Aloha, OR., has a trophy winning 1977 Mustang Cobra 2. The plastic gas tank developed a leak. I suggested he take home my CoolChem repair kit. CoolChem came through again. CoolChem sealed the leak instantly. Finding a new tank and removing the old tank is a major job. CoolChem saved hours of hunting for a new tank and hours more to make a the replacement let alone the cost of a new gas tank. I used CoolChem on several items on my 1973 Mustang convert during restoration. CoolChem made the repairs invisible. A really great product. A small drop does wonders for a permanent repair. Both cars were displayed in the largest Mustang show in the US in July held in Bellevue, WA. Both received first place trophy's in their class. Merle McLaughlin, Everett, Washington.