CoolChem Activator Pump spray 301, 1.5 ounces

Activator 301 pump spray speeds the curing of CoolChem Integrator where low humidity levels or surface acidity may exist. This product is also used for fillet conditions or when gap filling between substrates. Activator 301 pump spray can be pre-applied to the opposite surface from the Integrator or post applied to the  joint by brush, pump sprayer, or dropper.

* Activator that accelerates the Integrator for use with CoolChem Cyanopoxy and Integrator adhesives 

* Speeds the cure of  CoolChem Cyanopoxy and Integrator adhesives

* Aggressive Cleaning properties

* Excellent cosmetics for clear transparent beads or fillets 

* Assists in gap-filling and fillet applications 

* Can be pre- or post-applied

* On part life of 1 minute


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