An Innovative Solution to a Common Problem
Wood rot is a common issue for most homeowners, regardless of where you live. Fortunately, it can be easily repaired with the right products.  CoolChems Wood Fusion Adhesive, restores Rotted Wood by solidify soft and spongy wood, penetrating into the wood surface to create a solid base and stop rot quickly. Apply CoolChems Wood Fusion Adhesive directly to loose or badly rotted wood areas and within  minutes the missing wood or cracks can be filled with our 609 gel Filler (sold separately). Our   CoolChems Wood Fusion  Adhesive restorer is water resistant and is paintable. CoolChems Wood Fusion Adhesive dries hard in as little as 10 minutes increasing the strength of the wood by 3x the original wood.

The Advantage of CoolChems  Wood Fusion Adhesive
Because the product penetrates into the wood, it is able to create a solid base from within. Many products simply coat the exterior of the surface, but CoolChems  Wood Fusion Adhesive  penetrates beyond the surface. In only 10 minutes, the product will dry to a tack-free finish and the cracks or missing pieces of wood can  be filled with 609 gel Filler(sold separately)  completing your repair to the original shape in minutes.